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I am an interesting and attractive girl. With me you will never be bored.

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Blocked all servers created for posting NSFW images.

I am antifacebook, antitwitter, degoogle, antitheism, antipsychiatry, antimcdonald, antiwork, antidisney, anti prostitution, anticonsumption, antiMLM(Multi-level marketing), anti-microtransaction, copyleftism.

So, I think you know my belief system now, humans with power corrupts, the bigger power 1 person/ a small group of people could have, he/they corrupt more. The system of federal Mastodon is prevent 1 person can having too much power. If there is an instance have more than 50% of all Mastodon toots, it must start to block small instance for preventing they grow.

Gender: non-binary

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#decentralize everything!!!

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