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Debugging federation issues on Pleroma

Mapping in Openstreetmaps

A quick getting started guide

Animal friendly hair colouring

By iljaSeptember 6, 2021Random

Video uploads on Autizmo Video have been fixed

Sorry it took so long

Forex Signals Providers in 2021

Forex Signals

The reason video uploads are broken on Autizmo Video

FFmpeg v4.4 has issues with HLS...

Defend Richard Stallman!

Defend freedom and open source software

The start of my garden

Installing the BadWolf browser on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Yunohost for decentralised grassroot movements

By iljaJune 20, 2020Random

A brief history of HTTP and current pitfalls of HTTP/3

The history of HTTP, the current issues with HTTP/3, and why I'm discontinuing support for HTTP/3 for now

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