Expenses for Feb 2020

Note: since donations on Patreon and renewals are processed at the beginning of the month, the expenses and revenue for February 2020 are already known (baring unexpected expenses).

Name Cost Note
blob.cat VPS $7
busshi.moe VPS $7
512GB storage $2.5 upgraded from 256GB
support (on Patreon) -$17.37 thank you for your support!
total cost to me -$0.87

Services running: XMPP on blob.cat, Pleroma on blob.cat, Plume on blog.blob.cat, PeerTube on tube.blob.cat, Gitea on git.blob.cat, Pixelfed on pixelfed.blob.cat, and Mastodon on busshi.moe.

Please feel free to write me with any questions/concerns!